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    Contact sheet for state government


    Governor Andrew Cuomo

    State Capitol, Albany, N.Y. 12224




    State Assembly

    Switchboard 518-455-4100

    Public information, vote sheets 518-455-4218

    Public information, memorandum, voice: 518-455-4222, fax: 518-455-5175

    Document room LOB, voice: 518-455-5632, fax: 518-455-4741

    Document room CAP, 518-455-5165



    State Senate

    Switchboard 518-455-2800

    Legislative services, bills, memorandum, etc., voice: 518-455-3216, fax: 518-426-6813

    Hot line, bill status, 800-432-9860

    Journal clerk, vote sheets, 518-455-2245

    Document room LOB, voice: 518-455-3321, fax: 518-432-3389

    Document room CAP, 518-455-2311



    Legislative session information

    Current bills, public.leginfo.state.ny.us

    Legislative library, 518-455-4000



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