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    Lack of SAFE Act changes disappoint gun groups

    Lack of SAFE Act changes disappoint gun groups - The state Legislature left the Capitol early Friday without making any changes to the controversial gun-control law installed in 2013. After some Senate Republicans ran for office last year vowing to seek a repeal of the gun-control law, they were unable to reach a deal to reform the SAFE Act, drawing the ire of gun-rights groups. “Am I disappointed? Absolutely, and I think the gun owners of New York state are going to be disappointed also,” said Thomas King, the president of the state Rifle & Pistol Association. Senate Republicans passed a bill to make a variety of changes to the measure, which was championed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But Assembly Democrats and Cuomo showed no appetite to follow suit.

    Albany may require gun owners to lock up their weapons

    Albany may require gun owners to lock up their weapons - City gun owners may soon be required to keep their firearms under lock and key at home. A proposed law vetted Monday by city lawmakers would force gun owners to store their weapons in a "secure container" or disable them with a trigger lock whenever they are "out of his or her immediate possession or control" at home. Gun safety advocates say the measure will help reduce deaths from accidental shootings and suicides, especially among children, but the leader of the state's NRA affiliate said the law infringes on the Second Amendment right to bear arms and would almost certainly face a legal challenge.

    NYAGV letter to Buffalo Common Council

    New Yorkers Against Gun Violence sent a letter to the City of Buffalo Common Council trying to get them to go on the record in opposition to firearms reciprocity legislation pending in Congress.

    Here is a copy of the letter they sent to Council President Darius Pridgen.  Click on each image to see full size.

    NY Democrat Introduces Expanded Background Checks for Gun Shows

    NY Democrat Introduces Expanded Background Checks for Gun Shows - On May 19, Representative Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)14% (D-NY-12th District) introduced legislation to expand background checks to gun shows. Titled the Gun Show Loophole Closing Act, Maloney’s legislation would require a background check on any private sale conducted at a gun show. Maloney did not name one criminal or high profile attacker who got his or her gun via a private sale at a gun show, but Breitbart News has named a plethora who got their guns via background checks.

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