Addie Russell caught lying

Video of the debate between Addie Russell & David Forsythe. She lies about receiving an F claiming it was because she did not fill out NRA’s questionnaire. No, Addie, it’s because of your voting record, including supporting microstamping A-6468C, prohibiting “child operated” firearms A-1326 and expanding COBIS A-2882B. It starts at... read more

Seward Receives NRA Endorsement

Seward Receives NRA Endorsement — The National Rifle Association (NRA), has announced their endorsement of State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) in his campaign for re-election. Along with the endorsement, the NRA also awarded Senator Seward an “A+” rating, the NRA’s highest... read more

Mayor Ryan Joins Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Mayor Ryan Joins Mayors Against Illegal Guns — Mayor Matt Ryan has joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns in releasing Trace the Guns: The Link Between Gun Laws and Interstate Gun Trafficking, a report analyzing 2009 crime gun trace data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The report, which examines previously unreleased data that the ATF provided to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, shows that states with weak gun laws are still disproportionately the top sources of guns that law enforcement recovers in out-of-state crimes. The report also finds that that states with weak gun laws supply a greater proportion of guns recovered in crimes shortly after their initial purchase—a measure that the ATF considers a key indicator of illegal... read more

Andrew Cuomo and the Gunmaker Litigation

Andrew Cuomo and the Gunmaker Litigation — There are many reasons to be glum about the impending coronation of dynastic heir Andrew Cuomo, now leading in the New York governor’s race against a GOP opponent (Carl Paladino) who at first polled decently but has since... read more

Aubertine: One of Us, Standing Up for All of Us

Aubertine: One of Us, Standing Up for All of Us — The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association issued its ratings today, giving State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine its highest score of an “A” for his defense of our Second Amendment Rights—the only candidate in his race to receive this... read more

ABA Pushing Microstamping

Hidden Threat to Second Amendment — Recently the American Bar Association published a report urging: [F]ederal, state … governments to enact laws requiring that all newly-manufactured semi-automatic pistols be fitted with microstamping technology which would ensure that when a firearm is fired, an alphanumeric and/or geometric code would be stamped on the cartridge casing … that would enable law enforcement to identify the serial number of the pistol and hence the first known purchaser of a weapon used in a... read more

NRA endorses Aubertine

Aubertine, too, gets an ‘A’ from NRA — Saying it “does not endorse conservatives, it endorses Second Amendment supporters,” the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund, the leading group in support of gun owners’ rights, has endorsed Democratic state Sen. Darrel Aubertine for re-election, giving the Senator an A... read more

Ball looking for volunteers

Your help is needed to elect Greg Ball to the New York State Senate!  He has been a tireless defender of 2nd Amendment rights while in the Assembly and received NYSRPA’s Legislator of the Year award two years in a row. The campaign needs volunteers to help with making phone calls and getting out mailings.  Volunteers can help out Monday through Sunday, from 10:00am to 8:00pm at the campaign office at 221 Clocktower Commons in Brewster.  Walk-ins are welcome, but it is better to call in advance and let him know when you’re available to help. Please call 845-582-0548 and let them know you’re willing to help Greg get to the State Senate and keep fighting for your gun rights!  Don’t forget to let them know that you’re a proud NYSRPA/NRA... read more

NRA Shoots Down Gillibrand’s “Grade”

NRA Shoots Down Gillibrand’s “Grade” — She used to be one of their Democratic darlings but now Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has been flunked by the National Rifle Association. NRA Sources tell NBCNewYork they’ve downgraded Gillibrand from an A to an F, a move scheduled to be announced later this... read more

Statement by candidate David Forsythe

Statement by David Forsythe — David Forsythe, candidate for the 118th Assembly District, issued the following statement regarding his recent endorsement by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association: “I am pleased to receive the endorsement of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association. As a strong supporter of the second amendment, I will fight to ensure that the rights of all New Yorkers are not infringed by a dysfunctional and bloated Albany Government.” “As Assemblyman I will support the rights of gun owners and sportsmen and I will oppose any laws that restrict or infringe gun ownership – especially the misguided microstamping legislation supported by my opponent.” “Like many in the North Country, I grew up learning to respect and appreciate our right to responsible gun ownership. I will take those values with me to Albany.” Mr. Forsythe, a small business owner and St. Lawrence County Legislator is the endorsed Republican and Conservative candidate for the 118th Assembly District which includes parts of Jefferson and St Lawrence... read more
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