Antigun group endorses Gillibrand

Brady Anti-Gun Group Endorses Gillibrand – Senator Kirsten Gillibrand–who was panned by some anti-gun groups when she was appointed to the Senate last year–has picked up the endorsement of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “We want the people of New York to know that we enthusiastically support Senator Gillibrand’s campaign for the U.S. Senate,” Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign said in a release emailed by her... read more

Armed, and representing

Armed, and representing – Who’s packing in the Legislature? You might be surprised. Asked to describe the average handgun owner, some will conjure the image of an upstate, conservative Republican male. But the short list of lawmakers with handgun permits manages to reflect New York’s diversity at least a little — with men and women, conservatives and liberals represented, albeit not in equal... read more

Elena Kagan confirmed to

Elena Kagan confirmed to U.S. Supreme Court in 63-37 Senate vote, making her Court’s 112th Justice – The Senate confirmed former Harvard Law Dean Elena Kagan as the next Supreme Court Justice Thursday by a 63-37... read more

Groups Seek Ban on Lead in Sporting Ammunition

Groups Seek Ban on Lead in Sporting Ammunition – Lead, for centuries the core ingredient of ammunition, is now coming under attack itself. As the American military begins to embrace “green bullets,” environmental groups are pushing state and federal officials to ban the use of lead in hunters’ guns and fishermen’s tackle. Their goal is to protect both the animals that scavenge the carcasses of hunted prey and the people who consume meat from hunting... read more

Candidates to speak to sportsmen

Candidates to speak to sportsmen – The Federated Sportsmen’s Clubs of Oneida County will hold a “Meet the Candidates” night at the Waterville Sportsmens Club at 7 p.m. Monday. It is an opportunity for sportsmen to hear from political candidates on their views on 2nd amendment rights, pistol permits, microstamping and other hot issues. The public is invited to attend, but it is aimed primarily at folks with an interest in their future as sportsmen and... read more

Concealed Handgun License State Reciprocity List For iPhone

Concealed Handgun License State Reciprocity List 1.6 For iPhone – Announcing that Blackleaf Software LLC, the developer of Concealed Handgun License State Reciprocity List, has released the latest update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Until now, travelers with concealed handgun permits have had to do hours, if not days, of tedious research to learn which states recognize their concealed carry licenses; but Concealed Handgun License State Reciprocity List 1.6 puts reciprocity information for all 50 states right at their finger tips. Information is quickly accessible and users can save time and stay on the good side of the law by knowing exactly where they can carry, before they even leave... read more
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