Cumberland Head rifle fire ban

Plattsburgh Town Council passes Cumberland Head rifle fire ban – The Town of Plattsburgh has passed a local law that bans rifle fire on Cumberland Head. The measure was adopted to protect the safety of Cumberland Head residents and those who travel its roads, including the heavily traveled connector... read more

Weapons ban removed from city policy

Weapons ban removed from city policy – The City Council on Monday delayed approval of a policy that would ban city employees from having weapons while working or while on city property. “I’m a staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights,” said Councilor Daniel E. Skamperle. “I don’t believe the Second Amendment stops in the... read more

City of Oneida microstamping alert

The City of Oneida Common Council has scheduled a vote for Tuesday, July 6 on a resolution introduced by Councilman Michael Kaiser in support of microstamping legislation. The meeting will be held at 6:00pm in the Municipal Building, 109 N. Main Street, Oneida. Here is contact information for the Mayor and City Council: Mayor Leo Matzke Ward 1 Councilman Dan Ward 2 Councilman David Ward 3 Councilman A. Max Ward 4 Councilman Michael Ward 5 Councilman Donald  Ward 6 Councilwoman Claudette... read more

Opponents of microstamping are liars

Times Union reporter Jay Jochnowitz says opponents of microstamping are liars.  From their July 4 op-ed, “A legacy to honor as your own“: “If you haven’t read the Declaration of Independence lately, or ever, give it a read today. It is an inspiring piece of work that will send a chill down your spine … Do we do it justice when, as we saw in the fight over a proposed New York law to require microstamping of shell casings in semiautomatic weapons, supposed defenders of the Second Amendment assert that the law would effectively bar the sale of such guns in the state if the technology wasn’t ready? The law, in fact, would do no such thing, but the “big lie” prevailed …” Jochnowitz may be contacted at 518-454-5424 or... read more
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