The NYPD has sent out form letters to pistol license holders who list handguns which can accept magazines holding 10+ rounds implying that all such magazines are illegal and that the guns must either be modified or turned in prior to renewal of their pistol license.  NYSRPA is looking to speak with anyone who has received a similar letter.  Specifically, we are looking for:

  1. Anyone who informed the NYPD that their magazine was made prior to September 1994 and thus lawful and nevertheless had their handgun license revoked or not renewed because of it.
  2. Anyone who turned in their magazine based upon on the misleading statements in the NYPD’s letter.
  3. Anyone who turned in their magazine and is now trying to get it back.
  4. Anyone who corresponded with the NYPD about this letter and/or a magazine capacity issue.

Please call Tom King @ 518-424-1349 to further discuss the issue.