Boycott Journal News Advertisers

The Journal News has again published the pistol license holder list online for the lower Hudson Valley, this time with a searchable map.

Below is a list of major/national and local advertisers who use the Journal News for their ads.  It is important that concerned citizens contact as many of these advertisers as possible.  A short letter which starts by quickly outlining the irresponsible Journal News act of publishing the names and addresses of pistol license holders (and a Google Maps picture with directions and family members names) would be best.

State that you will no longer patronize any advertiser who uses Gannett unless and until that advertiser withholds further ads until Gannett takes down the pistol license page and ceases attacking lawful firearm ownership.  Particularly, contact advertisers with whom you already do business, and who may know you personally.

The Journal News has put in harm’s way tens of thousands of lawful license holders.  This action by the Journal News can only be viewed as an attempt to intimidate and bully lawful gun-owning citizens.  The data posted also includes active and retired police, judges, battered and stalked individuals, FBI agents, and more.

The Journal News has made no credible case, or any valid reason for releasing the data, and it serves no investigative or journalistic purpose.

List of National and Local Advertisers – updated January 7, 2013 (pdf)