Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Visits Remington Arms – Years ago, Remington Arms was the place to work in Herkimer County, but now some might say there’s no job security. “Our area was lucky, most of the people were there more than two years and were able to stay there,” said Stephen Natali, who works at Remington Arms. “But I feel bad for the other people who got laid off. ” According to lieutenant governor candidate and Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss, the SAFE Act has made it harder for the company to keep jobs in Ilion. He wants to loosen regulations and help older businesses expand rather than give incentives to new ones. “What are we doing for all the existing companies that are here,” said Moss. “What are we doing for the small businesses all over New York state that are hurting? We need to revamp the economic development plan so that it levels the playing field for small business, big businesses and existing businesses. Yeah it might be too late for here but maybe we can stop business that are still here from leaving.”