Cowboy action shooting contests feature competitors who dress the part and shoot period firearms — “I’m not looking for trouble,” cries Billy Bob Buckshot, waving one hand peacefully while the other hand reaches for his 1870s-style pistol.  But trouble has found Buckshot. Several angry townsfolk have him right where they want him: alone and outnumbered in front of the Frisco store. They’re looking for payback, and they know how to extract it. So Buckshot does what any cowboy would: shoot first, and ask questions later.  Wild West shootouts and bar fights are just a few scenarios facing members of the Pathfinder Pistoleros, a group of Central New York shooting enthusiasts who meet up every month at the Pathfinder Fish and Game Club in Fulton. Members are required to dress up in period-accurate cowboy clothing before taking to the shooting range and taking on various Clint Eastwood-esque situations.