Firearms Dealer to Sue Everytown for Gun Safety For Defamation In Bogus Report – Crossfire Arms, LLC, of Mount Holly, Vermont, says through counsel that it intends to sue Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety for defamation after Everytown suggested that Crossfire Arms was an unlicensed dealer selling firearms to criminals. Everytown had been pushing a fake “study” that asserted criminals were using online firearms sites to illegally acquire firearms as part of the group’s efforts to impose “universal background checks” on residents of the state that sees less violent crime in a year than many large cities mismanaged by anti-gun Democrats see in a summer weekend. The very speculative Everytown report failed to come up with solid evidence that so much as a single firearm was sold to a criminal via person-to-person sales facilitated by online communications. Their report also asserted that Crossfire Arms was involved in providing firearms via unlicensed sales, a patently false claim, by including images of their listings in Armlist, including watermarked images.