Giglio welcomes repeal of ID system for firearms – Assemblyman Joseph M. Giglio says he welcomes the repeal of CoBIS, the Combined Ballistic Identification System, in one of this year’s state budget bills.  According to the law, gun sellers were required to send firearms to a CoBIS center where fired shell casings from those guns would be entered into a statewide databank. Assemblyman Giglio notes that the state has spent $32 million on CoBIS since the creation of the program in January of 2001, and not one crime has been solved with this technology.  “This was flawed technology and failed to produce the result that anti-gun advocates desired,”  he says. “This was a bureaucratic nightmare for firearm sellers and an unnecessary cost that they had to absorb or pass on to their customers. I am proud to have supported the repeal of this law.”