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    County clerks: State delays handgun permit updates under NY SAFE Act

    County clerks: State delays handgun permit updates under NY SAFE Act - A little-known component of the NY SAFE Act has shifted into low gear, according to county clerks who have participated in a pilot program to update handgun licenses.  Much of the controversy surrounding the 2013 gun control law has focused on its expanded assault weapons ban, and the accompanying registration requirement for previously owned rifles. (That deadline was Tuesday.) But the NY SAFE Act also calls for handgun permit holders to be recertified every five years with their local county clerks or sheriffs. According to the law, all permit holders need to be recertified by 2018.

    Michael Bloomberg plans $50M gun effort

    Michael Bloomberg plans $50M gun effort - Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans a new effort to take on the NRA, injecting $50 million into a national grassroots network to rally voters for gun control, while taking on both Democrats and Republicans who aren’t on board.  “When they get through their primaries and they come to the general election, they’re going to have to be right on guns,” Bloomberg said Wednesday on NBC’s “Today Show.” “And we’re going to do everything we can…to make sure that we reward those who are protecting lives and make sure that those who are trying to keep people from being protected lose elections.”

    Pizza deliveryman opens fire to fend off attackers

    Pizza deliveryman opens fire to fend off attackers - A pizza deliveryman attacked by four people attempting to rob him opened fire, hitting an 18-year-old man who is now in police custody.  Buffalo Police say the driver was attempting to make a delivery at 474 Cornwall around 10:30 p.m. on Monday when he was attacked by four assailants who began beating him on the head and body with an unknown object.  The deliveryman drew his legally registered handgun and opened fire, hitting an 18-year-old man, who is now in police custody at ECMC and is listed in fair condition.  The other three attackers fled and remain at-large.  Police did not say if the driver suffered any serious injuries in the assault.

    Assault weapon deadline arrives

    Assault weapon deadline arrives - New Yorkers are required to register their assault weapons under the state’s new gun-control law today — or face time behind bars.  Today is the deadline for state residents who own guns labeled as assault weapons under the New York SAFE Act to register them with the state. Assault weapons are those with a “military-style feature” such as a detachable magazine, pistol grip or telescoping stock.  If gun owners fail to register their firearms today, they could be charged with a class A misdemeanor and spend up to a year in county jail. If an individual unintentionally fails to register, a 30-day amnesty period will be extended, according to the New York State Police.

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