Klein: ‘Despicable’ for NYSRPA to link gun control, rape stats – State Sen. Jeff Klein war of words with the president of the state Rifle & Pistol Association rages on.

In a statement, Klein responded to King’s recent statement noting an increase in cases of reported rape in New York City, and pondering whether Klein was aware of the rapist-stopping power of firearms, which King said “put women on equal footing with men and give them the ability to defend themselves against aggressors who are generally larger and stronger than they are.”

“Instead of empowering women, Senator Klein has made it more difficult for women to have access to the best and most effective means of personal protection. The results speak for themselves,” King said.

(Question: Don’t gun control laws make it more difficult for rapists to have access to the best and most effective weapons? Discuss.)

King was responding to Klein’s rebuke of King’s negative reaction to news that New York had received a B+ for its gun control laws from a leading gun control coalition. And yes, we can keep this up as long as they can.

In a new statement, Klein took exception to the idea that gun control equals more raped women:

“Tom King’s remarks are despicable and have no place in the court of public opinion. For him to claim that our state’s watershed gun control laws are somehow making women more vulnerable to sexual attacks is downright abhorrent. If Tom King was actually serious about protecting women, he would have joined me back in 2003 when I championed the repeal of the statute of limitations for rape prosecutions. Every credible statistic proves that smart gun control legislation like the SAFE Act effectively reduces gun crimes. I invite Tom King to come down to the Bronx anytime to meet the mothers, fathers, and children who are devastated by gun crimes almost every day.”

Amazingly considering how long this thing has gone on, King declined to offer a response.