Legislative Report #7 is now online (pdf).

Senate Codes Committee Agenda for Tuesday, April 28:

  • S-2050 – Relates to prohibiting the possession of certain 50 caliber firearms; directs the division of state police to embark on a program whereby persons currently in lawful possession of such weapons may be reimbursed for the fair market value thereof upon turning in such weapons to a designated officer – OPPOSE
  • S-2491 – Enacts the “Children’s Weapon Accident Prevention Act”; creates crimes of failure to store a weapon safely in the first and second degrees, aggravated failure to store a weapon, and criminally negligent storage of a weapon in the first and second degrees; provides affirmative defenses; directs the Commissioner of Education to develop a weapons safety program – OPPOSE
  • S-2900 – Authorizes the possession of a handgun being sold by a dealer in firearms upon the premises of such dealer – SUPPORT