Niagara County Legislature: Bipartisan anger over Obama bullet ban – In a rare show of bipartisan anger aimed at the Obama administration, Niagara County lawmakers came together Tuesday to unanimously sponsor and pass a resolution opposing planned “executive actions” that would outlaw one of the most commonly used rifle bullets. Republican and Democrat county lawmakers, led by Legislator John Syracuse, R-Newfane, perhaps the most ardent defender of the Second Amendment in county government, passed the resolution placing Niagara County squarely against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ proposed regulations that would outlaw a popular .223-calibre (5.56 mm) bullet used in what are commonly referred to as “varmint rifles.” County lawmakers took the rare step of encouraging Niagara County’s congressional delegation to take any and all necessary steps to prevent the bullet ban from moving forward, ranging from legislation to block the proposed regulations to outright defunding of the ATF. The measure passed 15-0, with every single legislator joining as a sponsor. The resolution makes Niagara County one of the very first local governments in the country to go on the record against the proposed bullet ban.