NYSRPA Benefit Button

We are excited to share with you our NYSRPA Benefit Button. The features of the Benefit Button are all designed to help us raise funds, communicate and stay connected in a non-intrusive way.

It is also designed to make your life on the internet easier as well as help you save money.  THERE IS NO COST TO YOU.  There are no pop-ups, spyware and your privacy is protected.  It is easy to download.  Just click on the link below:


Benefit Button will include the following:

  1. Software that only needs to be downloaded one time to be compatible with Chrome-Internet Explorer-Firefox.  Total download time needed: Less than 60 seconds.
  2. “Benefit Button”; this is a “B” placed in a button (similar look of an APP) that will appear on the top of the computer browser whenever you are on the internet.  When you click on the “B” you will go to the organizations custom home page.  Other revenue generating ideas/opportunities may also appear.
  3. Custom Home page.  Will have the organizations name or logo as well as a search box.  You can use it if you want as your main place to do searches from.
  4. Your search can be initiated from the custom home page or the address bar just as you always have initiated searches.  The search result page will be branded with the organizations logo/name.
  5. You will receive coupons/deals within your normal internet experience.  Over 30,000 combined coupons on a daily bases are available.  When you go to a merchant’s web site, as long as the merchant is within our system (over 1700 to date) you will see the organizations name at the top of the merchant’s web site.  The coupons only appear after you download the Benefit Button and only when you are on their site.


  • Whenever you do your normal every day search you have an opportunity to generate revenue for your organization.
  • Whenever you make an on-line purchase from a merchant within our system the organization receives revenue based on your purchase.  Merchant’s within our system will have your logo or name on top of their web site.  You need to click on the link next to the organizations name letting the merchant know they are supporting your organization.

Using the search (engine) that is conveniently located on our custom home page, or just by doing your normal every day searches form your address bar; when you click on sponsored ad links only when those links have information you may be interested in, you are helping us raise dollars.

  • Searching every day will help our organization.
  • There is an adult filter in this search engine that makes it even safer for children.
  • This search engine is the same information you receive using your current search engine, with one BIG difference; you help us raise money – without spending any additional time or writing a check!
  • Your normal on-line shopping will now help you save money with coupons merchants are offering and help us raise money, just by doing what you already do.

We hope you are proud to have our Benefit Button on your computer.  Please feel free to share this link with your friends and family, so they can help make a difference.

If you have any questions or special support needs do not hesitate to contact BenefitBar.