The Official Results of the 2011 CMP Highpower National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio.  The members of our NYSRPA Jr. Highpower Team did fantastic over the course of CMP week.  Junior Steve Paci placed 11th overall of 133 total Junior participants in the Marine Clinic and earned his first 4 EIC “Leg” Points toward his Distinguished Rifleman Badge.  He then made the cut during the NTI Match and earned another 10 points!  Kayla Ashley made the cut and placed in the Presidents Hundred.  Steve Hahn and team mate Chris Kepner of the NY-PA Steel Eagles 8 Team were the At-Large Class Winners in the “Freedom’s Fire” National Trophy Junior Team Match.  Our Junior-Senior combined Team, NYSRPA Considine, with members Art Terwilliger, Steve Paci Sr, Steve Paci Jr, Kayla Ashley, Steve Hahn and Ed Hahn, Coach Kay Anderson and Captain Pete Vesey placed 12th of 29 total teams in the out-of-competition category with a 2760-58x.  Great shooting by all the members and parents of the NYSRPA Jr. Highpower Team at the 2011 CMP Highpower National Matches!