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“There is absolutely no legitimate reason to include language from bill A-1157B into state budget bill A-9055C”, said NYSRPA President Tom King. “According to the sponsors of A-1157B, there is no fiscal impact on state government, so why has language from that bill been cut-and-pasted into budget bill A-9055C?”

Not a single independent study has been able to demonstrate that microstamping technology actually does what proponents say it does. Many studies, including one conducted locally by the Suffolk County Crime Lab, have concluded the technology does not work. More importantly, the legislative language explicitly states that “microstamp-ready” firearms must put unique codes on spent cartridge cases on at least two places. The only way to comply with this would be a total redesign of all pistols made over the past 100+ years, if that is even possible. This is an attempt to enact a law which cannot be complied with in order to effect total prohibition.

Faced with declining support in the legislature and opposition from law enforcement, this backdoor attempt at gun control is a disgraceful sign of desperation on the part of its proponents. “The legislature knows microstamping is a fraud. Its sponsors cannot effectively make their case to their colleagues with a stand-alone bill and so are hoping to sneak it through the backdoor as part of the state budget,” said King. “Their unwillingness to have an honest, open debate speaks loudly about their ideas lack of merit as well as their individual characters.”

February 29, 2012 (readMedia) — The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association would like to correct the gross misstatements made by Senator Jose Peralta in his letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo regarding his proposed firearms microstamping bill S-675B.

First, there is not a single independent study demonstrating the technology actually works. Several studies, including those done by the Suffolk County Crime Lab in Hauppauge and the University of California, Davis, conclude the technology does not work. Sen. Peralta has no basis for claiming “microstamped characters have been shown to transfer perfectly up to 95% of the time.”

Second, Sen. Peralta’s bill explicitly states that “microstamp-ready” firearms must put unique codes on spent cartridge cases on at least two places. The one and only way to comply with this would be a total redesign of all pistols made over the past 120 years, assuming that is even possible as the only place to make the second marking is inside the chamber when the round is fired making it difficult, if not impossible, for a gun to function properly. Sen. Peralta’s statement that “microstamping may cost as little as $0.50 per gun” is equivalent to saying that pigs could fly if only they’d grow wings.

The microstamping proposal has been becoming increasingly unpopular in Albany over the years as evidenced by the decreasing number of legislators supporting it. People know it’s a fraud. Sen. Peralta is trying to pass a bill that cannot be complied with in order to effect a total prohibition on all new pistols sold in the state. He just does not have to courage to come right out and say that.

February 15, 2012 (readMedia) — Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel’s dog-and-pony show at the Capitol building was one of the most shamelessly dishonest displays the NYSRPA has seen in a long time.

Aided by some colleagues in the legislature, Schimel urged passage of her bill A-1157, mandating the use of unworkable firearms microstamping technology, and falsely claimed law enforcement support for her proposal.

“Police do not support Schimel’s bill,” said NYSRPA President Tom King. “The forensic examiners at the Suffolk County Crime Lab, which is in Schimel’s own backyard, say microstamping does not work. The New York State Sheriffs’ Association, which is made up of the elected county sheriffs from across the state, has gone on record opposing microstamping.”

“The reality is the only people supporting microstamping are a handful of unelected police chiefs beholden to politicians including Schimel and fringe groups like New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. The legislature is not being inundated with calls and letters from the public demanding enactment of her proposal.”

The Governor and legislature need to cut through this phoney baloney. There is no public support for A-1157.

February 8, 2012 (readMedia) — Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel is appealing to the former Chicago Superintendent of Police for support to save her ill-conceived firearms microstamping legislation. Only in New York would an antigun zealot appeal to the authorities of a city that has been slapped for their unconstitutional laws by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Does it not stop? Governor Cuomo finally realized ballistic fingerprinting technology does not work and has called for abolishing CoBIS, an ill-conceived waste of money that has cost the taxpayers of New York approximately $40 million. Meanwhile, Assemblywoman Schimel continues to tilt at windmills by proposing more of the same scientifically disproven technologies which not even the State of California would implement.

How exactly does Assemblywoman Schimel plan to compensate taxpayers for the millions wasted on CoBIS? Will New Yorkers Against Gun Violence reimburse the costs for the worthless technology they misrepresented to the state legislature?

The legislature needs to see through the fog and stand up to the fringe special interests pushing these crackpot schemes.

January 30, 2012 (readMedia) — The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association is proud to announce the creation of a new and important award for meritorious service in furthering Second Amendment Freedoms and fostering the growth of the shooting sports statewide and nationally. To that end, in the spirit of enthusiastic service to these ideals, we are dedicating and naming the award after long-time member Henry Ristau. Henry, a World War II veteran, recently died shortly after his 101st birthday. Henry’s dedication to the Association and the Second Amendment manifested itself in his daily work ethic: he worked diligently at the NYSRPA’s office until six months prior to his passing. It is that same level of dedication and commitment we are looking for in recipients for this award.

In describing the first recipient of the award Tom King, NYSRPA President, said “Every once in awhile a deserving and hardworking individual is rewarded for the anonymous hard work and effort he daily puts in to foster and expand the shooting sports in New York State as well as the nation. The individual chosen for the NYSRPA Henry Ristau Man of the Year Award serves as Vice President for the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association and in this position oversees the shooting sports in New York State. He is also a member of the National Rifle Association Board of Directors where he serves on the Law Enforcement Assistance Committee and the Sport Shooting Committee. He is vice Chairman of the Action Shooting Committee and Chairman of the Education and Training Committee. He accomplishes these tasks while fulfilling the everyday duties of full time professional employment. He travels far and wide on weekends promoting the shooting sports – particularly his favorite ‘The Three Gun Competition’ – the fastest-growing of all the expanding shooting sports.

“It is with great pride and pleasure that I present this year’s first annual “Henry Ristau Man of the Year Award” to my friend and associate Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr.”

January 22, 2012 (readMedia) — The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association applauds Governor Cuomo’s proposal to scrap the Combined Ballistic Identification System (CoBIS). After collecting over 356,000 spent shell casings since March 2001 at an estimated cost of nearly $44 million, not a single crime has been solved because of the program.

“By any rational measure, CoBIS has been a total failure,” said NYSRPA President Tom King. “What is astounding is that there are actually elected officials defending it. Only in Albany would you find people who think that a program which has run for more than 10 years without producing a single result is good public policy.”

NYSRPA strongly encourages the legislature to put an end to this farce and pass A-1131/S-459.

January 3, 2012 (readMedia) — The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association has set a date of Tuesday, March 20, 2012 for the 3rd Annual Sportsmen & Outdoor Recreation Legislative Awareness Day. It will take place from 9:00am to 1:00pm in the “Well” of the State Legislative Office Building in Albany.

Sponsored by NYSRPA and Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb the event brings together thousands of gun owners and concerned citizens from around the state to meet with their representatives and features exhibits and presentations by advocates and experts. The highlight of the event will be a keynote address by Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President and CEO of the National Rifle Association.

The event is open to the public and all are welcome to attend and celebrate our 2nd Amendment freedoms.