House GOP to distribute draft contempt citation against Eric Holder over “gunwalking”

House GOP to distribute draft contempt citation against Eric Holder over “gunwalking” – Republicans on the House Oversight Committee were to take the first formal step Thursday toward contempt proceedings against Attorney General Eric Holder over the Fast and Furious “gunwalking” operation, CBS News has learned.  The case for a citation declaring Holder in contempt will be laid out in a briefing paper and 48-page draft citation distributed to Democrats and Republicans on the committee. CBS News has obtained copies of both documents. In them, Republican members use strong language to accuse Holder of obstructing the committee’s investigation, which is now in its second... read more

8 Ways the Media Doesn’t Understand Gun Owners

8 Ways the Media Doesn’t Understand Gun Owners – This is a dire situation: I have three anti-gun media hit pieces left to read, and I’m down to my last antacid.  I normally ration them, but that last story was a real doozy.  Why endure such torture?  If you can grasp the mindset of someone who fears gun ownership—who doesn’t even trust himself with the right, let alone you—you’ll be better equipped to articulate your point of view.  The more we’re familiar with the other side’s argument, misguided as it may be, the better equipped we are to defeat it.  I’ve learned something through this approach: Big Media does not understand gun owners. Their anti-gun stories range widely in subtlety, and could be categorized as lazy, intentionally anti-gun or unknowingly... read more

Issa, Chaffetz confirm contempt plans for Holder over Fast and Furious

Issa, Chaffetz confirm contempt plans for Holder over Fast and Furious – House GOP leaders said Friday they are pursuing a plan to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and the Justice Department in contempt for “stonewalling” them over information regarding the administration’s failed Fast and Furious gun-tracking program.  GOP Rep. Darrell Issa confirmed to Fox News that House Speaker John Boehner gave him and others on his House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform the authority to drafted a contempt of Congress resolution.  “We have a few other options (but) to a great extent we’ve been stonewalled by the Justice Department,” said Issa,... read more

Gun control rally in Albany

Last month a few thousand people from all across the state came to Albany to lobby in favor of gun rights.  New Yorkers Against Gun Violence held their rally today in the Legislative Office Building.  As you can tell by this picture looking down into the Well of the LOB, they managed to get a couple dozen or so and those had to be bussed in from the City.... read more

County eyes purchase of Calverton Shooting Range for trap & skeet facility

County eyes purchase of Calverton Shooting Range for trap & skeet facility – The county legislature Tuesday approved initial steps to seek acquisition of the Calverton Shooting Range for the purpose of relocating the county’s trap and skeet range from Southaven Park in Yaphank.  With legislators Edward Romaine (R-Center Moriches) and Jay Schneiderman (I-Montauk) voting against the measure, the legislature voted 13-3 to approve the “planning steps” resolution authorizing a survey, title search and appraisal of the 104-acre parcel off Nugent Drive in Calverton.  The measure was introduced by Legislator Kate Browning (WF-Shirley) whose Third District hosts the county’s current trap and skeet facility. Responding to constituent opposition to the continued operation of the county facility at Southaven Park, Browning has been shopping for other... read more

Anti-Gunners’ Hate Machine in High Gear

Anti-Gunners’ Hate Machine in High Gear – Last week, NRA held its annual convention in St. Louis, Mo.  More than a dozen of the nation’s most prominent political leaders spoke at our Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum, including Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich.  As if on cue, our opponents hit the internet with a degree of venom that surprised even those of us who have tracked their most outlandish comments over the... read more

Memo to Gun Lobby: You Won. So Tone It Down, OK?

Memo to Gun Lobby: You Won. So Tone It Down, OK? – The 2008 election of Barack Obama was a boon to gunmakers. Now the gun lobby, gathered at the National Rifle Association’s convention in St. Louis today, is using the prospect of his re-election to again stoke fear — which may be good for the industry’s bottom line but not for the country.  Relevant figures for gun sales are hard to come by, but excise tax receipts on firearms rose 45 percent in 2009. There were manufacturing backlogs and soaring profits. Reasons for this so-called Obama bubble are speculative, but it’s fair to say that it was driven at least in part by unease among some gun owners and enthusiasts about the prospect of more gun-control... read more

Is gun control dead?

Is gun control dead? – Monday marks five years since the massacre at Virginia Tech, where a mentally ill student, Seung Hui Cho, used two handguns he had bought legally to kill 32 people and wound 25 others. Other than a relatively minor law to improve the national database used for background checks, no significant gun-control legislation followed that tragedy.  Since then, there have been several mass shootings, including additional school rampages and the attempted assassination last year of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).Yet there remains little political will to reform this country’s flawed gun-safety rules — unless, of course, someone is proposing to make access to guns... read more

Olean High Power Rifle Matches for 2012

Olean High Power Rifle Matches for 2012 May 20: M1 Garand/Vintage Military Match June 17: NMC July 15: NMC Camp Perry Warm Up Match August 12: NMC Sept. 16: 0900 M1 Garand/Vintage Military Match; 12Noon Presidents 100 Match (30 rounds, no sighters) Oct. 28: Deer Rifle Match (20 rounds, all fired at 200 yards from the prone, sitting or kneeling, and offhand positions) All matches commence at 0900 Hr. unless noted otherwise above. Register no later than 0830.  M1/ Vintage matches 30 rounds plus 5 sighters, all fired at 200 yards.  NMC (National Match Course) 80 or 50 rounds, plus sighters.  Be prepared for an 80 shot match plus sighters.  Match fired at 200 and 300 yards, and reduced targets at 300 yards for 600 yard stage.  Match fees still only $10. ($5. for Junior shooters) Only $5 for M1 and Deer rifle and Presidents Hundred Matches. Questions or more information call: Charlie Jurenko 716-373-3413 or Gary Bobseine... read more

Mayor Michael Bloomberg comes under attack at National Rifle Association conference

Mayor Michael Bloomberg comes under attack at National Rifle Association conference – Mayor Bloomberg may have been the most unpopular person at the nation’s largest gathering of gun nuts no Friday — and he wasn’t even there.  Members of the National Rifle Association, attending their annual bullet bash in St. Louis, took aim at Hizzoner on Friday for his bold campaign against illegal guns. They called him a bastard, told him to mind his business and challenged his credibility.  And those were just comments fit for print in the Daily... read more
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