Members of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association will be happy to know the August/Sept. edition of Bullet Magazine has shipped and will be delivered to our mailboxes in the next few days. The Big News is that the Bullet Magazine is soon going full color & Digital. We will be creating a Digital Bullet Magazine archive as we progress. So… Starting with the August edition, past issues of Bullet Magazine will soon be made available a few weeks after they are published. Keep an eye here for updates.More Big News! Doug Turnbull has been named NYSRPA’S MAN OF THE YEAR! That is Doug on our Front Page. In this edition of B.M. there are twice as many full color glossy pages! 16 pages in full color! We bring you news important for you to know and some fun stuff too. Look to our Oct. edition for another big upgrade! There will be 32 packed pages, full glossy, four color and B.M. will feature for the first time Q.R. code technology bringing the power of multi media to your favorite local 2A Rights Publication – Bullet Magazine!


Tom King
New York State Rifle & Pistol Association


aug issue cover