Junior Air Rifle & Smallbore

NYSRPA offers programs at locations all across New York which teach young people firearms safety and basic marksmanship skills. Most importantly, the shooting sports develop character, integrity, discipline and good citizenship.

Disciplines Offered:

BB, Smallbore, Air Rifle, Air Pistol
– Young shooters may choose to develop and/or advance their skills through various programs which may be held in conjunction with, or separate from, NYSRPA programs. 4H shooting sports programs, Jaycees BB gun programs, high school rifle teams, and junior rifle clubs offer excellent opportunities for junior shooters, from beginners to experienced shooters. As juniors advance in their shooting skills they have the opportunity to participate in local matches held statewide exclusively for junior shooters. State-level Junior Olympic Shooting Camps are also available for more advanced training.

High Power Rifle – Junior High Power shooters attend clinics and practice with smallbore rifles over the winter months. They also participate in Smallbore matches. They also have the opportunity to receive High Power rifle training from the Marine Corps at Camp LeJeune and to travel to Quantico, Virginia, to shoot in a regional High Power match.  The Small Arms Firing School is given in the spring to acquaint new shooters with High Power Rifle.

National Matches – Junior shooters may choose to try out for a berth on compete on the NYSRPA junior team to represent New York State at the annual National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio., by competing at the Junior Invitational Championships held on Memorial Day weekend.  Juniors may also compete in NRA, U.S.A. Shooting and Jaycee matches.

Competition for Beginners – NYSRPA conducts a Tyro Prone Postal Match for first-year shooters.

Postal Matches – A series of postal matches is being established in BB, Smallbore, Air Rifle and Air Pistol.  This is a way for more juniors to get involved in the shooting sports.  Besides being an excellent way for experienced shooters to take part in additional competition, it is an excellent way for the beginners to try their hand at competition.

NYSRPA would like to establish a registry of clubs which offer programs for juniors so that youngsters and their parents who are interested in shooting have a place to look. If you or your club offers such programs, please provide us with the name of the organization, contact person, telephone number, types of programs (.22, air rifle, BB, etc.), when they are held, and any other information and mail it to:

Junior Shooting Program Registry
New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 1023
Troy, N.Y. 12181-1023

For more information on junior shooting activities contact Jennifer Canfield.