Ladies and Gentlemen,

I know there is a lot of talk and consternation regarding the re-certification process and the page that has recently been made active by the NYSP. Let me perfectly clear; while we object to any regulation that places any additional burden on the practice of our Second Amendment Rights we cannot advise you not to re-certify. If we preformed that illegal act it would have dire consequences for the Association.

I would suggest to those re-certifying to visit their County Clerk’s Office to make sure your permit matches what is on file in the office. Remember you have one year to perform this re-certification, make good use of that time, make sure everything is correct. I would also suggest that December 29, 2017 would be a good time to re-certify for two reasons (1.) It will give us time to work on a legislative fix (2.) It would be a good test of the system’s capabilities.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Tom King
Cogito ergo armatus sum