Below is a copy of a letter we sent to the NYPD. If you fall in this situation regarding the issuance of an addittional hand gun please feel free to copy this letter or modify it to fit your situation.

Tom King


Commanding Officer License Division

One Police Plaza

Room 152

New York, NY 10038


Regarding: NYC Pistol Permit Number ————-


Dear Sir:

I have been recently notified by the NYPD Licensing Division that my application for adding an additional firearm to my NYC permit has been declined. It has also been brought to my attention that numerous individuals received a “Handgun Purchase/Addition Disapproval Notice” from the License Division. They all have a computerized checkmark next to number one “Insufficient need for an additional handgun.”

Please provide the authority upon which “need” must be shown, and what constitutes “need” sufficient to add a handgun to an existing license.

NYC Laws and Regulations provide that requests for additional handguns shall be reviewed on an individual basis.  Please describe the individual review conducted for the requests received.

Lastly, the Disapproval notice provides a ten-day time period to request reconsideration.  Please provide the basis for that time period and the procedures of the reconsideration process.

Thank you for your consideration,

Your name