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    May 11, 2015 (readMedia) -- The election of Senator John Flanagan as the the leader of the New York State Senate Republican Caucus is a divisive blow to the freedom loving people of New York and should send a chill down the spine of every gun owner since the new leader voted in favor of the so-called SAFE Act.

    What this says is the Republican Party cares nothing about the hardworking, God-fearing and 2nd Amendment loving residents of New York State. While paying lip service the concerns of their core constituency, they elect a leader who will continue the status quo. The Senators who cast their vote for Senator Flanagan must pay for this breach of trust in the next election.

    April 29, 2015 (readMedia) -- When voters go to the polls on May 5th for the 11th Congressional District special election they have a choice between two undesirable candidates: Vincent Gentile and Daniel Donovan.

    "While Vincent Gentile has a proven record hostile to 2nd Amendment civil rights, Dan Donovan is much worse," NYSRPA President Thomas King stated. "Donovan has used his position as Staten Island District Attorney for years to promote an elitist gun control agenda. He even accepted a $2700 donation for this race from antigun demagogue Michael Bloomberg."

    While there is no positive candidate in this race, NYSRPA believes the public should have the knowledge to make an informed decision and would remind everyone that if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

    March 23, 2015 (readMedia) -- The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association feels the need to issue a clarification statement regarding proposed state legislation referenced in the March 21 Post-Star story,"Assemblywoman asks students about gun safety."

    The article misrepresents the intent of the mandatory firearms storage bill A-53. The bill prohibits the keeping of firearms readily available for personal protection inside the home. It has been around for decades and debated repeatedly by members of the State Assembly so there is no confusion as to what the legislative intent is.

    In 2006 prime sponsor Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg was specifically asked by Assemblyman David Townsend during the floor discussion whether the bill would impact his ability to keep a loaded .38 revolver next to his bed for personal protection. Assemblyman Townsend asked if he could be prosecuted if an unauthorized person obtained access to his gun and Assemblyman Weisenberg unequivocally stated, "to me that would be negligence."

    The Supreme Court ruled in the case of Heller v. District of Columbia that laws requiring rendering firearms inoperable or locked in such a manner as to be inaccessible for self defense are unconstitutional. This decision was reaffirmed in 2008 by Suffolk County Court in the case of Colaiacovo v. Dormer with Judge Gary J. Weber stating, "Simply put, the State of New York and its agencies are no longer in a position to require that a handgun be stored in an inoperable condition or otherwise locked up if it is otherwise legally present in the owner's dwelling."

    NYSRPA opposes A-53 and encourages all members of the legislature to vote against it.

    March 18, 2015 (readMedia) -- The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association would like to comment on a "Pubic Service Announcement" produced by the group States United to Prevent Gun Violence. In the video, a realistic looking gun store was set up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and potential first time gun buyers were invited in.

    "First off, the firearms and accessories hanging in the background do not appear to comply with either New York City law or the so-called SAFE Act," said NYSRPA President Thomas King.

    "Second, it is a felony violation of the Sullivan Act for a person to posses a handgun anywhere in New York without a license. The video clearly shows individual "customers" handling various handguns and doing so in an unsafe manner."

    NYSRPA calls upon Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to investigate the advertising agency which produced the video, Grey New York, for possible violations of city and state law.

    March 10, 2015 (readMedia) -- The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association released this statement in response to dramatic video an armed citizen stopping an assault on a NYC subway train:

    "This video is undeniable proof that guns save lives," NYSRPA President Tom King said. "Who knows what could have happened if a good guy with a gun was not onboard the train. This should be a wakeup call for the state legislature to enact much needed reform of the Sullivan Act and make New York the 44th state with a right to carry concealed firearms for personal protection law."

    March 3, 2015 (readMedia) -- New statistics released by the NYPD showing an increase in homicides and shootings are more proof that gun control and the so-called SAFE Act has not made New York City any safer.

    "Elected officials from the Governor on down touted the supposed benefits to public safety the SAFE Act would bring," NYSRPA President Tom King said. "The gun control lobby followed them up with unsubstantiated claims a lazy media did not bother to investigate. Yet when the facts come out disproving their assertions, both the politicians and antigun lobbyists are silent."

    King concluded, "Here's my suggestion to the New York media: Track down all those SAFE supporters and ask them, in light of the evidence, to justify their position."

    February 9, 2015 (readMedia) -- The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association calls for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to apologize for racist remarks he made while speaking at the Aspen Institute last week. As reported by the Aspen Times, Bloomberg stated that government needs to remove firearms from young minority males.

    "Mayor Bloomberg's statement that black males should not be allowed to have guns echos similar sentiments made by southern white supremacists in the 19th century," said NYSRPA President Tom King. "So called "Black Codes" were enacted by various southern states to discriminate against black Americans and maintain the system of white supremacy that made slavery possible. These included restrictions on firearms possession."

    King concluded, "If a politician said this about anything other than guns, the mainstream media would be all over them. Michael Bloomberg isn't just any politician, he is the leading voice for gun control in America. He should be held accountable for this slander."

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